Let's talk goals!

On December 31, 2020 at 12:59PM I was not feeling the "new year- new me" crap. I was feeling more of the.... "oh my gosh we're still in the middle of a pandemic" crap.

However, I did make a list of goals for my business in 2021. And by sharing them with you I'm hoping someone sees them and maybe we can chat! *wink wink*

  1. Photograph a wedding at the same venue twice. (Side note, I just have to say that I booked this wedding within the first week of 2021!)
  2. Photograph a Christmas Themed (or decorated) wedding. I just LOVEEEE Christmas decor. I know I'll have to wait quite some time to be able to even think about scratching this off my list but if I get to check this off my list, my life will be complete.
  3. Photograph more weddings in 2021 than I did in 2020. This should be EASILY achieved because 2020 was my first year in biz and soooo many photographers are booked for the next 2 years due to the pandemic.
  4. Custom make styling kits for other photographers. This goal is already halfway done.
  5. Make a gender neutral bridal guide. This was started in 2020 and never finished.
  6. Photograph a same sex marriage. OH THE LOVE!

I have more goals that come to mind but they are far off in the distance.

Personally I believe in the fact that if you set your goals too high, you will get burnt out and feel like that goal is unachievable because you have such a long way to get there.

If you set small goals and slowly distance them, you can achieve anything!

The following pictures are from a Christmas mock wedding. AKA I got back in my wedding dress and made my husband take pictures of me.

P.S. Love is in the air.