This is HUGE!

I am sad and happy to announce that I AM LEAVING!

WOOH I said it!

Over the course of the past few months you may have noticed a change in almost allllll of my social media. It no longer says "Servicing New England" and now says "ADK". That is because...... (drumroll please)....


Photography by Strain is MOVING to the beautiful Adirondack mountains of New York.

With this huge change comes a lot of questions. And I hope that the following Q&A will help you with the stress I just gave you. Because lets be real here... I'm not looking to stress you out. That is the furthest thing I want to do. BUT, I need to inform you on what the heck is going on! As always, if the following Q&A does not help with your questions, pop me a text or email me! I will be HAPPY to answer them for you. Additionally, if you're not already in my Facebook group exclusive to my wedding couples, what are you waiting for? Join the Photography by Strain Lounge now for immediate updates!


What does this mean for current wedding couples?

  • I am still here! I am still photographing your wedding! WAHOO!

Will you charge a travel fee for my wedding?

  • NOPE! Your price remains the same.

How can you ensure to be on time for my wedding if you're so far away?

  • I am grateful that I can spend the night at my fathers house (PBS's previous location) before and after your wedding. This will ensure I am on time for your wedding and don't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home (because I will be in the area the day before and spend the night at my fathers). We love traveling so it will never be an issue.

What if you can't make it to my wedding?

  • I will have to be dead to not make it to your wedding. HA! But for real, I have been coming up with emergency photographers that meet my brand standards. I will share this list right before your wedding just incase of any issues.

Can we do our engagement shoot in the Adirondacks?


Can we have our wedding in the Adirondacks?


We have our engagement shoot scheduled already. Do we need to change it?

  • Nope! I will be there (unless you want to travel to the Adirondacks for stunning views).

Will you stop taking new weddings in your old location?

  • Nope! I'll still travel for a wedding.

At this moment in time, nothing is changing for my current and prospective wedding clients. I will still be there! If you're paying for two photographers in your package, we will BOTH still be there!

I hope this answered your questions and if not, I will be reaching out in the Photography by Strain Lounge Facebook group to answer any questions you may have.

P.S. I will ALWAYS be there!