Hey there!

Grab a glass of wine while I tell you all about myself.

When I'm not behind the camera I love to spend my time outside. In the Summer months I love to swim, kayak, ride my motorcycle, and hike with my husband and two dogs.

In the Winter months, I like to ski, explore the Adirondack mountains by snowmobile or by forcing my husband to trek through 3 feet of snow with no snow shoes. I am always on the lookout for places to take beautiful scenic photos and always forcing my husband to take photos with me (you might find a trend of this.)

I have actually taken a photo with my husband every September at a scenic lookout in the Adirondacks. Cheesy, I know. But this is what sparked our interest in getting married in the Adirondack mountains with a stunning view.

Although I love to burn to a crisp in the summer, I LOVE decorating for Christmas. I am so obsessed with decorating that I put my decorations up before Thanksgiving and if we're being honest here, I'm editing this bio on February 24th and my lights are STILL lit. I refuse to let them go. My Christmas lights bring me sanity and warmth.

If I'm not hiking, cycling, forcing my husband to do something, or decorating my house for Christmas, I usually have a Diet Coke in my hand and I'm spoiling my German Shepherd.

I am also crazy obsessed with Diet Coke and German Shepherds.

I'd love to come along on your adventure and show you a stunning view through my lens... YOU!